All the nitty-gritty details of selling and closing your home will be covered to a T when you work with me, and I’ll help you every step of the way as we do the following:

  • Remove the clutter!
    • As the saying goes, “less is more” especially when it comes to showing your home. Shove it all into the garage or storage space if you need to. Most people gravitate toward open and bright spaces. Have you heard of “great rooms”? Those are rooms which have no clear division between kitchen, dining, and living areas. They are very popular among buyers these days. Not to worry if your home has no such room. As long as you can create a sense of openness and clean living, buyers will be attracted. If your property happens to be vacant and stark, we can warm it up with some temporary furniture and cozy decor.
  • De-personalize your home
    • Buyers want to easily visualize themselves living in your home for years to come. If they happen to catch a glimpse of the portrait of you and your cat/dog, they might feel like a guest rather than comfy in their future home.
  • Have amazing photos taken of your home
    • Buyers love beautiful photos! So do I! I have always believed that the least a listing agent can do for their client is to provide them with beautiful photos of their home. It makes me sad for clients who have a property up for sale with photos that look like they were taken from a flip phone. So, please, please, please do not skimp on this very important marketing tool. It could cost you many potential buyers.
  • Market it
    • There are a plethora of ways to make the availability of your home visible to the world. I am a strong advocate for marketing your home on the world wide web. And you can bet I will give your property a major presence with virtual tours, social media, and alerting buyers’ agents of the availability of your home. Above all else, we need buyers to be able to feel and touch the beauty of your home. You guessed it–OPEN HOUSES! As soon as your property is fresh on the market, we want buyers to come racing to your open house. (If open houses isn’t your thing, there are definitely other ways of marketing your home.) This will certainly occur when your property is beautifully portrayed in photos as well as in person and competitively priced. Which brings us to the next subject…
  • Determine the market value
    • This can be a touchy subject for some homeowners because like myself, I believe my home is the prettiest and most charming 2 bed/2 bath anyone will ever lay eyes on! As a matter of fact, it’s true. Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, this is where the importance of competitive market analysis is vital. The value of your home cannot depend solely on square footage of living space and/or X number of rooms. There is so much more involved in determining the market value of your home. Although the footprint of your home may be identical to your neighbor’s, it does not mean they are equivalent in value. Ultimately, you, the seller, make the final decision. How truly motivated are you to move on to the next chapter of your life?