open house @ 2862 Mount Pleasant Road in Evergreen

This Saturday’s open house will be up in the foothills of the Evergreen neighborhood. Talk about country-living, folks. Sometimes I have this fantasy of living out in the countryside where I can’t hear my neighbors and the only sounds I hear are birds chirping and leaves rustling from a light breeze. That’s exactly what I experienced at the Mount Pleasant house except that it wasn’t my house. But that’s okay! We should all have a dream to work towards, right? On the other hand, I adore close-knit neighborhoods where block parties are regularly organized and everyone looks out for one another. I can’t make up my mind. Both are wonderful settings to live in. Back to the Mount Pleasant house. This property’s lot size is 0.93 acres and has at least 12 fruit trees. Within a few steps of strolling around the property, I spied a persimmon tree, apple tree, pomegranate tree, lemon tree, and even kale! You could be a homesteader living off the land here. I enjoyed the scenery right at that table between the guest and main houses (and at the patio too). Blissful.


As seen in the photos below, the sellers worked to achieve an open concept.

great room

I am a huge fan of blurring the boundaries between inside and outside living by opening a wall up with windows or even better, floor to ceiling windows/sliding doors. Apparently, it’s achievable in country and cottage-style homes and not just modern architecture.

outside inside

The master suite opens up to the back patio and fills the room with light. That would certainly wake me up in the morning.

Who knew you could have this kind of lifestyle in San Jose? As of today, it’s still available and listed at $1,199,000. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. One of the bedrooms functions as a den in the back of the house. I hope you enjoyed this house as much as I did. If you like what you see, get it while you can.

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Open House @ 1922 Jonathan Avenue in Willow Glen This Saturday 1-4pm

Hey, guys! I’ll be hosting an open house in Willow Glen this Saturday. The place where this house resides is your typical charming Willow Glen neighborhood. Let’s just say, this is where I would go trick-or-treating if I were a kid. What I like most about this property is the open living space that you walk into as soon as you enter the house. Funny thing I noticed–the hardwood flooring looks exactly like the type of flooring my husband and I installed in our own home. The numerous windows allow ample light to brighten up all of the rooms. Check out the photos below.

My favorite feature in the kitchen is the skylight (which really has nothing to do with the functionality of a kitchen…hah). No one likes hanging out in a dark cave-like kitchen, right? This one’s quite the opposite.
kitchenThe master suite includes a bathroom, walk-in closet, and a nice entry into the backyard. As a dog owner, having a doorway into the yard is a necessity, in my opinion.

master suite

Finally, the yard. It’s a decent-sized yard with a few trees. Without the trees, the yard would appear even larger, but I think it should be left up to the future owner since the orange tree seems to be a mature one which might bear sweet fruit.

backyardCome on over to see this beauty or just to say hi!


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