About me

rosiehike (1)Hi, I’m Rosie Regan, former engineer turned real estate agent. I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the Southern Californian desert. I moved to Northern California for my first job out of UCLA to work in the semiconductor industry. Naturally, my profession took me to the Silicon Valley, where I currently reside.

I discovered my interest in real estate after my husband and I purchased our first home together several years ago. Since we moved into our home, we have been working nearly nonstop to make it our own, and I want to share these experiences with you here. After all, I think it’s only fair to share my home with you if you’re willing to open up your home to me when you’re ready to put it on the market. As for buyers, I am grateful to help you in your journey to find a home where you can build your dreams or even one that you see yourself managing as a lucrative investment. The purchase or sale of a home is a very personal matter both financially and emotionally. I understand that. Through this site, I want you to learn about me, get to know me, and of course, enjoy updates on my home, life, and interesting facts on real estate.

In my free time, I enjoy road biking, indoor rock climbing, working on my home, and volunteering as a dog socializer at the San Jose Animal Shelter.

My Real Estate Business Philosophy

I strive to find fulfillment and success in turning a hobby or passion into a service to others. I love making homes super attractive and marketable as well as helping families find the right home. Fortunately for me, these two things that I enjoy happen to be an actual profession. The quality of my services are reflected through my work and results. I work with honesty and integrity, showing my clients the respect they deserve, listen to their needs, earn their business rather than expecting it, and of course, negotiate the best terms for my clients. For my buyers, I have a keen understanding of what they are looking for, and my recommendations are typically spot on. As for sellers, I am very creative at marketing the qualities of their homes and in return, earn them the best offers. All in all, I am an advisor who helps my clients through all the complexities and nuances of real estate.