Happy 4th of July!

IMG_0483The image of fireworks symbolizes two things for me right now. First and foremost, it represents the independence and beginnings of this remarkable nation. I am grateful for those early Americans who fought for our independence, the men and women who currently defend our country, and those individuals who continue to fight for our country’s growth and freedom. I imagine the great lengths and miles of ocean these early pioneers had to endure to escape adversity, political hardship, religious suppression, financial misfortune, and the like. Being a first generation American-born Vietnamese, I see and hear the struggle my parents and relatives endured to survive and succeed in this country. It is a common notion that Americans work too much or too hard, and it makes perfect sense when you realize the values of determination, innovation, and hard work that our predecessors instilled in us and in the core of future generations when they immigrated here. The 4th of July reminds me of just how lucky I am to be here. Thank you, early American pioneers! Thank you, troops! Thanks, Mom, Dad, and to my husband’s great^10 grandparents for traveling such great distances to be here or else, we wouldn’t be here and together.

The second thing these fireworks represent is the explosion of excitement and adrenaline I felt when I wrote up a winning offer for a wonderful couple I helped. If you didn’t know, it takes a ridiculous amount of communication and negotiation to gain an accurate idea of the terms, conditions, and purchase price required to get an offer accepted. It’s not a simple guessing game as you would expect. Good agents will try to get as much information out of the other agent as possible so that their client is neither overpaying by too much nor offering too little in a multiple offer situation.

Lastly, Happy Birthday, USA!


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