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The long awaited laundry room reveal has finally arrived! [cue chirping crickets] Our laundry room was small, dysfunctional, and at one time, plain grody. Now, it’s functional, clean, and still small, but we’re so much happier with it now. The contents of the laundry room include a water heater, furnace, washer, and dryer. When we purchased the house, it had linoleum partially covering the floor that was peeling at the edges and a large patch of sheet rock in the ceiling. We suspect the sellers cut the ceiling open to install their satellite dish which we eventually removed. What an eyesore that thing was! ↓

laundryThen, we wanted to make the room more hideous so we tore out the lower portion of the walls. ↓

laundry1Not really. We actually had to remove part of the walls due to damage from the Great Flood of 2012. It was a traumatic experience, but we got through it without curling up in fetal position sobbing granted we had just finished installing hardwood floors (ourselves!) throughout the house just two months before it happened. Let’s save that story for another day, shall we? 😉

We lived with the laundry room in this state for at least two years. We kept the door closed 99% of the time. Out of sight. Out of mind. I squirmed each time a piece of clean laundry fell on the floor. I guess my thinking was that the room is already incurably gross. Why bother? “You can’t polish a turd,” said somebody. So, I reluctantly nodded in agreement and never made the effort to cleanup except for the occasional vacuuming. We forgot to snap a true before photo. So, this is after we removed the washer which sat next to the dryer you see here. ↓


laundry3Once all appliances except furnace were temporarily relocated, we began the back-breaking work of removing the linoleum. The worst part of linoleum removal is scraping the adhesive off the concrete floor. And the worst parts of removing our appliances were ice-cold showers/gym showers and washing our clothes elsewhere or not at all. Home-remodeling can truly make you appreciate the finer things in life. ↓

laundry5We (meaning my husband) finally closed the walls up, taped, and textured the new sheet rock to match the existing walls. FYI, it all blends in after painting. ↓

laundry7Then came the most daunting part of the remodel: tiling, something we never attempted before. After countless hours of research on tutorials and the how-to’s of thin-setting, grouting, and meticulously measuring and cutting the tile, Sean was ready to take on the challenge. We installed black hexagonal tile, which were sold in 12×12 inch sheets by Amazon. Each hexagonal tile was 2×2 inches. Apparently, they are sold for a lower price at a different website. ↓

laundryLadies and gentlemen, may I present to you our new laundry room! First, from a distance. ↓

laundry8Previously, the washer and dryer were side by side. We decided to stack them to create a more functional space to make room for the shelves on the left side for air-drying various articles of clothing. Lifting the dryer up top the washer was no small feat, which reminds me that I seriously need to work on my upper body strength. The detergent typically sits on the shelf, but I removed it for photo aesthetics. ↓

laundry9We tried to think up ways to hide the water lines but decided it would make the space feel and look smaller. I guess we’ll go for the industrial look for this room. Mr. Leak Frog sits in the lower left corner ready to alert us of any risks of floods. It has served us well and saved us once so far.

laundry10This corner of the laundry room is a massive improvement! We framed the openings in the wall behind the water heater, covered gaping holes around the water and gas lines with escutcheons, added extra aluminum mesh to keep bugs out, and braced the water heater to studs through the drywall. ↓

laundry11Just to jog your memory of how far we’ve come. This is what it looked like. ↓


The day has finally come when we can leave the laundry door open.

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  1. Wow!!! Looks awesome!

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