Open Houses & Open Walls

Hello? Anyone still there? If so, sorry I dropped off the face of blog-land in the past couple of months. I write ‘better’ when I’m in the mood. And, if I’m not, it sounds forced like I’m trying too hard and nothing flows. So, I guess I hadn’t been in the writing mood in a while which is why it’s been too long since I have blogged. At least, that’s my explanation.

Allow me to introduce the open houses that I hosted in the past couple of months. Here we have what looks like a castle, the Petroni house, located in Almaden Valley. 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / 3,103 sqft

petroni houseThe Petroni house was on the market without a single offer for two months before I hosted an open house for it. Then, miraculously, it went under contract shortly after. I would like to believe that I presented the property so well that it sold! 😀 It was listed at $1,598,000 post price reduction and sold for $1,570,000. It was bright and gorgeous inside with a nice open floor plan.

Next, we have the Oneida house located in Blossom Valley. It sat in a quaint little cul-de-sac. Although, the street name was Oneida Drive, it really felt like a court since there was no outlet at the end of the drive. The house really had everything that you would need in a home i.e. nice-sized yard, four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two-car garage. It definitely has space for a growing family. 4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / 1,495 sqft ↓

oneida house
The Oneida house had been on the market for about 1 month. I can say with certainty that I presented this house so well that it sold shortly after I held it open because the wonderful listing agent told me so! 😀 It was listed at $799,000 and sold for $790,000….not too shabby, eh?

Lastly, we have the Shadow Springs condo located in Evergreen. I held an open house for this property in its second week on the market, and the foot traffic was substantial. Buyers of all motives came by including investors, first-time home buyers, and families looking to relocate. This unit was located on the second floor (bonus!) and included a one-car garage plus one uncovered space. 2 bedrooms / 1 bath / 866 sqft 

shadow springs condo

The Shadow Springs condo went under contract after its second week on the market! It was listed at $299,000 and could easily sell over asking.

I mentioned in my “about me” section that I wanted to share my trials and tribulations of being a homeowner. Well, here’s a sneak peek before shot of my laundry room. ↓

laundry room

Open houses & open walls? Get it?! Background story and after photos to come!

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